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Our company

We focus on the creation of exhibition strategies with a global scope. We provide services in Europe, but we also gladly accept challenges in Saudi Arabia, Russia and China.

Our work is based on identifying the client’s needs and selecting the right marketing forms and tools for a given market to help the client achieve the goals set for the participation in the fair.

We dreamed of creating a company which would not only design modern exhibition stands, but also win each client with an exhibition vision and a tailor-made strategy which would make the client feel that the participation of their company in the fair is a part of a coherent whole.

We plan, verify and implement projects in line with the latest marketing trends and transform our clients’ trust into creative energy to work on new projects.

As we dreamed of a company offering professional exhibition marketing, we assumed that nobody would leave us just with a stand design and an order checklist. We wanted to make our offer special. That special element is the visualization of the client’s brand at the fair, not just of the stand components.


That special element is the passion and fascination we put into creating the promotion concept. It is the real reflection of the expenses in the obtained leads. That special element is bringing that concept to life on the rented exhibition space.

scope of services

When you trust us and choose our services, you can always count on:


Responsibility for the client’s brand guides our actions, while reliability and timeliness are the significant factors of the success achieved by the company we work for. Owing to our long-term experience in the exhibition industry, our operations currently have a global scope.

We work for your success and, consequently, our own. We act out of the box. We use only state-of-the-art technologies on the market and our employees are qualified people with long-standing experience in this industry. We are optimistic and enthusiastic, and the ocean of creativity further boosts our self-confidence in the striving for our clients’ competitive advantage at the fair.