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Our company

Operation of our company focuses mainly on creating proper strategies for trade fair exhibition on global extend. We offer our services in Europe, but we are also ready to take on challenges of organizing such events in the United Arab Emirates, Russia or China.

In our work we identify our customer’s needs and on their basis we can suggest them the best marketing tools and procedures that are appropriate to given market. This aims to achieve the customer’s goals by taking part in a trade fair event.

Our goal is to create a company, that apart from designing a structure of modern stand, is also able to embrace the customer with alluring exhibition vision, creating a new, tailored strategy so that it gives them the feeling that the company’s participation in the fair is one coherent whole.

We plan, verify and implement projects with regard of the newest marketing trends, and the trust our clients place in us is a real energy boost in our work on another projects.

Dreaming about a company offering professional exhibition marketing, we assumed that no one would come from us only with the design of the stand and just the concept what to order… It was supposed to be something more. This “something” is to visualize the customer’s brand at the fair and not the components of the stand.


The thing that drives us is our passion and fascination with creating a whole idea for promotion. It’s a real bearing of expenses on gathered leads. This is making the bought trading space a real advertising idea.

we offer

For placing your trust in us, in exchange we will:

  • Create the strategy of your brand exhibition during the trade fair
  • Provide you with full and realistic visualization of your display stand, designed in accordance to modern trends in global trade fair market
  • Make technical working and material drawings
  • Coordinate and give you technical support during the event
  • Help you in reservation of space needed, hook-ups, and in contact with an organizer in order to arrange all the details
  • Provide you with the most modern multimedia and sounding solutions for the display stand
  • Take care for catering service during the event
  • Prepare all materials and promotional gadgets for the trade fair.
  • Hire hostess, baristas, bartenders for you, organize artistic shows
  • Make floral decorations suitable for the display stand type
  • Transfer your showpieces to the event


Responsibility for our client’s brand is this what drives us in our activities. Reliability and punctuality is a key factor of the success of the success of the company we’re working for. Thank to many years of our experience in trade fair exhibition business, currently we can be proud to say that we operate globally.

We work for the success of your company, what brings you ours as well. We don’t work on schemes, we use only the most modern technologies available on the market, our staff is qualified and experienced. Our optimism and enthusiasm, plus vast creativity gives us the feeling of self confidence in our clients’ superiority over their competitors during the trade fair.