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Visual identity

Participation in the fair requires not only a spectacular exhibition stand and a correctly displayed logo, but also a coherent exhibition strategy, which means brand coherence as perceived by potential and current customers.

At Love Exhibitions we begin every new project with getting to know the client’s visual identity and checking whether it requires a completely new approach or just some coherence adjustments in certain components.

From the very beginning of our operation, we have greatly emphasized the need to obtain a coherent whole in which the exhibition stand we design is one element and which has a recognizable brand. We ask the client who they are, what their story is, which values they wish to convey and where their competitive advantage rests. We adopt an individual approach to every project to optimize the client’s image.

identyfikacja wizualna wykonywana przez Love Exhibitions Consulting
To ensure the coherence of all the actions and brand recognizability, we provide design assistance for: